Ali Baba Gıda

Our Story

The history of Ali Baba in the food sector dates back to 1989 with a small and modest shop in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. Our product range consisted of 4 kinds of Turkish delight and 4 kinds of tea, initially manufactured in a 20 square meter workshop in Güngören. Throughout the time, we gained a very good reputation and in 1994 we extended and diversified the product range in line with the wishes of our customers. Also with the continuous demands from the world market, our products started to be exported to several countries around the world.

In Ali Baba Food, which has 3 different branches in Trabzon and Istanbul. We continue to produce many traditional food products; more than 300 kinds of Turkish delight, tea and spices in 3000 square meter closed production area. While our food range continues to be diversified with the contributions of our expert food engineers, our traditional Turkish flavors are prepared with special formulas and supported by high quality raw materials, expert work creativity and productivity and advanced technology. Moreover, our products have been going through hygiene, health and quality control processes since 1989.

The health and satisfaction of our customers are the most important factors for us that is why we are always trying to preserve and offer the most authentic and delicious traditional flavors in Turkey. We do not use glucose or any types of chemical preservatives in our products. We constantly inspect our materials and ensure that every food product is prepared in high standard healthy conditions.

Every food is produced with ingredients carefully selected by our food engineers and prepared with the awareness of representing Turkish flavors in a way that is worthy and presented to satisfy the tastes of our customers.


Deep-rooted experience dating back to 1989


More than 1200 types of products


A flavor journey reaching 28 countries

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