Ali Baba Gıda

Fragrant Treasure of the Mediterranean: Lavender Honey

Purple is a rare color in nature. It is a symbol of strength, wealth and grace. This unique color offered to us by nature is inspired by the delicate yet powerful lavender flower. Lavender is widely grown in France. It is one of the most preferred herbs in the perfume, food and cosmetics industry.


  Lavender; it is the sacred plant of Artemis, the goddess of nature in mythology. This precious flower, where Artemis rubs the sacred oil of lavender flower from head to toe, enchanting with its enchanting fragrance as well as its healing properties, is intensely grown in Isparta, Burdur and Denizli in our country. Especially Isparta attracts great attention with its eye-catching, endless lavender fields and attracts more and more tourists every year. A wide variety of productions such as lavender, lavender oil, lavender milk, lavender soap, lavender cologne and lavender honey are made in the region and this precious flower is tried to be used in many areas.


  Beekeeping has begun to develop in the lavender fields of uniquely beautiful, crowned with the sparkle of the sun, where the most beautiful shade of purple prevails. The nectar obtained by worker bees to fragrant lavender flowers accumulates in the hives and the healing of lavender known for hundreds of years is valued by the miraculous formula of honey. This precious honey with its clear color and unique aroma of lavender is passed through various analyzes and tests. After being inspected by the Ministry of Health and relevant official institutions, it reaches your table in its purest and most valuable form.

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