Ali Baba Gıda

A Journey to Taurus Mountains, Motherland of Cedar Honey

  The story of the cedar tree, which is densely found in the Taurus Mountains of Mersin, dates back to ancient times. The cedar tree, which was identified with male gods in the Hittite period, is the symbol of power, might and wealth. This mighty tree, which has a lifespan of 1000-2000 years, grows at 1000-2000 meters above the Taurus Mountains. The cedar tree, which has been used as incense in religious ceremonies due to its aesthetic, sublime appearance and the pleasant scent it contains, as well as its symbolic values, has been considered sacred since ancient times and has been used in medicine production thanks to its healing properties.


  The fragrant and unique cedar honey obtained from this ancient tree, carrying the unique aroma of cedar; it is a secretion honey. The Basra beetle absorbs sap from the cedar tree and produces a secretion. This precious secretion is carried to the hives by the worker bees and the journey of the cedar honey, which does not end with counting, begins. Cedar honey is very valuable because its production is very difficult and limited. The hives are full as long as the seasonal conditions are favorable and therefore cannot be harvested every year. This valuable honey, accumulated in the hives, reaches your table in its purest form after being analyzed and inspected by the Ministry of Health and relevant official institutions.

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