Ali Baba Gıda

A Heritage from Pine Forests: Pine Honey

Pine tree; It is an ancient tree that has been given great importance in many cultures for thousands of years and has been the subject of various legends. It represents life and abundance in Turkish culture. It means immortality in Europe and is decorated to celebrate religious holidays. There are more than 150 species of pine trees. Their lifespan is very long; they can live for more than 1000 years and grow up to 80 meters. Pine tree is a very durable tree. It can be grown in many climates and many soil types. It is resistant to severe cold, dangerous storms, burning heat and drought. It adapts and is easily reproduced.


Pine forests are considered sacred in the Himalayas. Various religious ceremonies take place in pine forests. Pine forests, known for their fresh and clean air, are thought to be healing and healing diseases such as asthma, chronic cough and tuberculosis. For this reason, sanatoriums are located close to pine forests.


There are pine forests in many parts of our country. But pine trees are grown mostly in the Mediterranean and Aegean. Pine honey is produced in pine forests located in the coastal parts of the Mediterranean, especially in Muğla. Pine honey obtained from these forests is so much that 90% of the pine honey production in the world is met by the pine forests in Muğla. Pine honey is a secretion honey. It is a darker colored honey compared to other flower honeys. It has been scientifically proven that it is very nutritious as an ingredient.


Basra beetles sucking the sap of pine trees; they produce a secretion rich in protein, enzymes and minerals. Worker bees flying in pine forests collect this secretion and turn it into honey in their stomachs and carry these healing honeys, which contains the fresh and unique aroma of pine trees, to their hives . When it comes to harvest time, beekeepers collect the honey in the hives, filter it and inspect it through various analyzes. After obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Health and the relevant official institutions, pine honey packaged in hygienic conditions without adding any additives is ready to crown your table. 

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