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A Centuries-long Traditional Delicacy: Ali Baba Turkish Delight

When talking about the country Turkey, one of the first three foods that come to mind is “Lokum”, which we know as Turkish delight. Lokum, one of the most internationally well-known sweets in Turkish Cuisine, is a traditional delicacy in Turkey. It is given as a gift when visiting someone, or served to guests. It is a unique flavor that you need to try, and it goes especially well with a Turkish coffee. Lokum, one of our traditional delicacies that introduce the Turkish food industry to the world, is a classic of Turkish cuisine with its  special types and serving styles. We’ve mentioned that the traditional flavor of Turkish Delight is very special for our country, and it is  widely known all around the world. Therefore, you need to make sure that the quality of lokum is well. We can say that there are several tricks to understand a lokum’s quality. The key elements that show the lokum’s quality are that the confectioner’s sugar on the outside of the lokum is dry, the color is transparent and bright, and that it turns back to its previous form when pressed with a finger.


Turkish delight, a desirable flavor of coffee time and complimentary of the religious festivals, is a food that makes people remember their childhoods. Giving children Turkish delights put inside of napkins is an old tradition. Served to the guests in ceremonies of asking for a girl’s hand in marriage, lokum, is a sweet that is believed to bring everyone joy with its taste. Caloric and Nutritive Value of Ali Baba Turkish Delight Since Turkish delight contains sugar, its nutritive value and calorie chart are indicated with big numbers.

You can learn the nutritive and caloric values of a traditional Turkish delight that you are curious about from the information below:

● 100 grams of plain Turkish delight: 360 kcal

● 100 grams of Turkish delight with pistachio: 380 kcal

● 100 grams of Turkish delight with rose: 369 kcal

● 1 piece of Turkish delight with rose: 33 kcal

● 1 piece of Turkish delight with walnut: 50 kcal

● 100 grams of Turkish delight with hazelnut: 380 kcal

● 1 piece (15 gr) of Turkish delight covered with chocolate: 50 kcal

The food components of 1 piece of Turkish delight:

● 8.04 grams of carbohydrate

● 0.01 grams of protein

● 0.02 grams of fat

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